"Live It Fit" Health Event at G&G in Cleveland

At G&G Fitness Equipment our motivation is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.  Many people want to lose weight, drop body fat and shape and tone their body.  That is why we're excited to announce that we've partnered with Derek Alessi Ph.D. & Chef Steven Binks (both USA Today contributors and host of a new TV program Live It Fit Now! WKYC CH3) to help individuals achieve their goals with a Live It Fit Event!  The live event will be held on Saturday September 27th, at G&G Fitness Equipment,  27879 Chagrin Blvd. Woodmere Village, OH 44122.  G&G Fitness will also be having an exclusive sale for participants.
You'll learn how to:

-Decide to get into better shape, NOW!
-Plan your workouts for efficient results!
-Simply prepare your meals for delicious and fat reducing nutrition- and taste breakfast and lunch too!
-Learn how to optimize the place in your body that burns fat and calories! 
-How to limit your training to only 1.7% of the week and still get awesome results!
-How to best burn fat while doing cardio! 
-What to buy when grocery shopping!
-What you MUST avoid nutritionally, if you want to drop fat!
-The one secret to staying consistent and finally getting results!
-And much more!


1. 1.5- hours with Dr. Derek & Chef Binks
2. 100-Recipe Guide 
3. Grocery Shopping List
4. Snack list to "Grab on the Go"
5. Fat Dropping BLUEPRINT(Download)
6. Resolution Reset Book (Download)
7. Grill It & Lose It Book (Download)
8. New Year - New You Book (Download)
9. Tailgate Turnaround Book (Download)

All for $47!

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This is a very small price to invest in yourself. You will be improving your health, fitness and well-being immediately! Learn what the food, diet and fitness gadget companies don’t want you to know and discover how you can improve now! Space is limited! Because of the intimacy and access to questions and answers with Dr. Derek & Chef Binks, this is a small event. Walk-ups will not be permitted. Reservations Required. This is your chance to lose weight, drop fat and exercise smarter - not harder!

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