What Time of Day Is Best to Workout?

There is an age-old debate over which time of day is the best for training — morning, afternoon, or night? 

What's the best time to workout?

The best time of day to train is the one that works best for you. Consider the pros and cons and make the decision that feels right for your body and your schedule!

Morning Workouts

The Pros

Easy Scheduling
Are you an early riser? If so, scheduling an early morning workout may be an easy choice. We think penciling a home workout first thing in the morning ensures that you can get your sweat session on without distractions or conflicts. AM workouts also leave less room for second-guessing and procrastination — once you lock in this positive morning habit, you are likely to continue it without much fuss. 
Start the Day Off Right
Endorphins are mood-boosting hormones that are released during exercise. These powerful neurochemicals offer an abundance of benefits — from a boost in optimism to increased productivity to weight loss. 
We love jumping on the treadmill in the morning to rack up enough endorphins to impact the rest of the day. Research shows that a morning workout increases the likelihood that you will make positive choices in eating and other self-care habits throughout the day.

The Cons

Slow Start
If you’re not an early bird, scheduling an early morning workout may feel tortuous. While even the most avid night owl can change their ways, we think it’s more practical to build your schedule around some of your natural tendencies.
Even for morning people, an AM workout can bring with it cold muscles, stiffness, and a higher risk of injury. Even for an at-home workout, some people do not want the added warm-up time that comes with a workout fresh out of bed. 
Running on Empty 
While the benefits of fasted cardio are appealing, the experience is unpleasant for many. You may find that fasted cardio leaves you feeling light-headed and weak — in which case, the early morning workout routine may not be the best choice for you. 

Afternoon Workouts

The Pros

Fueled and Efficient
If you’re able to slip a quick sweat session into your lunch break — a greater possibility for many who have made the switch to working from home — the afternoon is an excellent time to train! You will have eaten at least one meal, which will fuel your workout. 
Beyond this, studies show that your body starts to ascend to peak efficiency midday — meaning you have the potential to smash your goals in a lunchtime elliptical or spin session
Provide a Mid-day Boost 
A quick afternoon workout is a healthy way to give your body and mind a much-needed midday boost. Studies show that a lunchtime training session can improve your mood, productivity, and metabolism.

The Cons

Tight Schedule
The downfall of the afternoon workout is a potential lack of time. If you only have a one-hour lunch break, it may often be impossible to squeeze lunch, a workout, and a shower into your break. If you have a more flexible schedule, though, a lunchtime power workout may be the perfect fit. 

Evening Workout

The Pros

Stress Relief
Many people find that an at-home workout in the evening is the perfect way to decompress at the end of a long day. 
Peak Performance
Studies show that your body may be most primed for a workout in the evening. Whether you’re going for an in-home row or diving into strength training, you may find your peak performance in the evening hours. 

The Cons

Disrupted Sleeping Patterns
Some people find that the jolt of energy and endorphins that comes with a nighttime sweat session makes it hard to sleep. This can be avoided by avoiding high-intensity workouts in the one to two hours before lights out.
Missed Workouts
You may find that many things get in the way of an evening workout — overtime at work, social occasions, errands, fatigue, and more. It can be challenging to prioritize your at-home gym time over happy hour or logging extra work hours. 

The Bottom Line

While there is no universally perfect time, there are benefits and drawbacks to consider for each. The perfect time to train depends on your schedule, the type of training you do, and your preferences. To hit your goals, the most important factors are choosing a consistent time and finding the right equipment!

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