The Mirror: an expert review

The Mirror: Is it the newest, greatest gadget in the fitness industry? Is it a game changer?

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I had seen photos and videos of the Mirror in action prior to receiving mine, and those photos and videos do not do the Mirror justice. You really must see if for yourself. When it fired up, the first thing I remember thinking to myself was, “Wow, this think looks really neat." The mirror itself is crisp and clean, as I was staring back at a high definition reflection of myself. But the holographic features were mind blowing

Fitness mirror exercise mirror fitness technology reviewUpon unboxing and setup - which was included and ridiculously fast – the Mirror prompted me to download the App from the App store on my iPhone. Once I did, connecting and setup couldn’t have been simpler: I just tethered my phone to the Mirror, entered in my internet password, and I was ready to go! While setting up the Mirror, I was asked to take a brief survey. This took me less than 30 seconds, and just consisted of basic stuff: my age, height, weight and gender; as well as an option to select what gear I already own - such as a kettlebell, resistance bands, a dining room chair, etc. It was easy and fast. It is also intuitive and will recommend workouts most efficient for my situation.

The first workout I did was “Boxing + Strength” with Armond, which was a 45-minute, Level 2 workout. I chose this workout because my wife and I regularly enjoy circuit training and boxing drills in our home gym.

One thing I will say: this workout went extremely fast. One thing about exercise that I have always contended with personally, is the monotony of it. And I think the Mirror effectively solves this problem. I was engaged both physically and psychologically. The brilliance of simultaneously watching the trainer as well as my own form, is indeed an absolute game changer. Other workout videos I have done in the past now seem like some sort of ancient method; concentrating on my form and holding myself accountable because I could simply see myself - and all my faults and flaws – which indeed made me push harder.

The selection of Live Classes seems to provide just the right amount of options with reasonable variety. One of the things that I tend to gravitate away from are too many options, which can begin to blend together and become convoluted. If there is variety, you don’t need hundreds of programs to choose from. They also just this week launched a new offering of individual personal training sessions at $40 per session, around your schedule. For these sessions, you will be one-on-one with a trainer, live, just like they are standing right there in your home. 

The interface of the app is streamlined and clean. I love that all the workouts identify what additional equipment is needed.  You can also replay live workouts in the form of “Encores.” You control the Mirror through the app: including instructor and music volume, profile customization and heart rate monitoring. You can also sync up your workouts to Apple Health.

Is the mirror expensive?

As for the price, I think this is a tremendous value. At retail price, it isn’t that much more expensive than the newest iPhone. Also included (when i got it) was free delivery and setup (you choose to either mount the Mirror on the wall or upright on the included stand) and also a Starter Accessory Pack which arrives a few days before the Mirror, and it includes a care kit, resistance bands and wireless heart rate monitor.

When compared to other brands that offer in-home, live workout classes with a paid subscription such as Peloton, I think that the Mirror is a much better value. Here’s why:

  • Firstly, it costs several hundred dollars less (around $700-$800).
  • Secondly, it offers more modalities and more variety: with the Peloton spin bike, you are really limited to one specific exercise, but with the Mirror, you will be doing exponentially different workouts.
  • Third, this is a piece of modern furniture as much as it is a piece of fitness equipment. When the Mirror is mounted onto your wall and is not in use, it is a nice piece to compliment any room and takes up literally no space. Compare that with the Peloton Bike which will require you to dedicate around 4’ x 3’ at a minimum.
  • Fourth, delivery and setup are free with your Mirror purchase, as opposed to around $250 for a Peloton bike.
  • Fifth, the Mirror requires zero maintenance. It isn’t a touchscreen, so you won’t have fingerprint smudges everywhere. Just clean the Mirror with the provided care kit as needed and suggested, not unlike any other piece of furniture you would regularly clean or care for. A Peloton bike, on the other hand, will require significant more care; it’s a carbon steel frame which is highly susceptible to rusting, so you will want to wipe your sweat off after every workout. You also having moving parts and wear items that will require occasional maintenance.
  • And lastly, the Mirror is likely going to have significantly more local support.

All in all, I highly recommend seeing the Mirror for yourself. If you have limited space, a modest budget, and want to get the best bang for your buck with the most workout variety so you can reach your goals fast . . . the Mirror might be the absolute best option for you.

Do you own a Mirror? What do you think?

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