FitPick: Matrix T50 with XER Console

Matrix T50 XER Treadmill InclineThe Matrix T50 with the XER console option is an outstanding treadmill setup for anyone who’s looking to step up their home fitness and entertainment game. A high-quality, fully-welded frame results in excellent stability and supports users up to 400 pounds. A two-ply belt allows for the ideal glide over generously-sized rollers and provides uniformity for your run. 

Superior Shock Absorption

Matrix treadmill elastomerProprietary shock absorbers, better known as “elastomers”, run from end to end underneath the deck and provide the protection you seek for your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. Matrix’s elastomers (pictured here) are a unique shape, made of the material that is used to protect the front of trains from the impact of any unfortunate collision; they’ll not only guard the integrity of your joints but have the quality to last for the long-run both literally and metaphorically!

Maintenance-Free Motor

Matrix treadmill motorA high-grade, maintenance-free 120V AC motor sits under the hood and operates quieter than the competition. The lack of motor noise allows for easy listening to your favorite entertainment options on the console, and the lack of excess motor heat reduces long-term cost of ownership. An adjustable 15 degree incline and max speed of 12.5 mph ensures a diverse array of training options for both treadmill newbies and experienced users alike. Strategically placed aluminum rails along the deck protect your investment from scuffs and dings. The large U-shaped handrail provides comfortable grip and support options, and an array of oversized, tactile rubber buttons allow for even slight adjustments of speed and incline without fumbling for otherwise flush membrane buttons. 

Matrix XER Console

Matrix XER Console TreadmillA great option for those seeking to experience Matrix’s robust line of apps, the Matrix XER console provides exactly what is needed. It functions as an aesthetic, intuitive tablet that houses entertainment choices as well as providing live workout tracking. A 720p  touchscreen provides an upgraded user experience, and a three-Watt speaker delivers clear sound for all apps and music. On screen, immediate adjustments for both incline and speed can be done without holding down buttons. The highly-responsive motor reacts to your manually entered speed in under two seconds, and the hydraulic system adjusts incline smoothly without feeling jarring.


All Matrix consoles come with Sprint 8, a science-backed high intensity interval training (HIIT) program, which uses periods of sprinting combined with periods of rest to melt fat in the most time-saving workout you’ll ever experience. The XER console showcases an interview and explanation of Sprint 8 provided by the program’s creator and fully utilizes the 720p screen’s abilities for live monitoring. Virtual Active, a program that allows users to explore and hike through scenic America and beyond, is wonderfully displayed and makes perfect use of the 3-Watt speakers with its addictive beat music (toggleable on/off at will when running) and trail tips.


A full suite of entertainment apps come pre-installed and includes Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Hulu, Facebook and more! Simply pair the XER console with your home’s Wifi (or have our white-glove delivery service set it up for you) and you’re ready to go. Updates to apps and new apps are mailed to the user free-of-charge in the form of a USB stick, which is inserted into the console for uploading. The XER console is truly a great choice for those who become bored too easily or have no media around their cardio area. Remember, the longer you stay on the treadmill, and the more fun it is to use, the quicker you will obtain your fitness goals

The Matrix Brand: An Industry Leader in Fitness

Matrix, well known for their industry-leading warranties, backs this great treadmill with an equally amazing guarantee of two years labor, five years electronics, seven years parts, and LIFETIME on motor, cushioning system and frame!

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